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C3? (See Three Something), formed in 2013, is a production company run by comedians and partners in legal activities Carleen Macdermid and Keith Malda. Specialising in improv, C3? organises shows, classes and jams for improvisers in London and have had the pleasure to play and teach at festivals across Europe and the US.

Carleen Macdermid

Improviser, teacher and occasional stand-up dabler, Carleen Macdermid has just hit her 20th year in the field of comedy. Having played and taught in Australia, the US and across Europe Carleen predominantly trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre but has been taught by teachers from all around the world. Carleen performs with Genre Claude Van Damme, The Rebranding, and A Threesome. Off stage Carleen coaches longform teams  and teaches a number of weekly classes in London.

Keith Malda

Keith Malda is a kung fu instructor, hostage negotiator and is according to Will Hines of UCB “very good at Improv”

Improv Drop-Ins

These drop-in classes are weekly non-narrative longform drop-ins focused on a range of fun yet practical exercises to get the best out of your scenes. The sessions are open to all levels and, in addition to Scenework Fundamentals will cover a wide range of longform skills such as creative edits, sound and movement, group games, initiating with premise, tackling longer scenes, physicality, matching energy, organic transitions, playing to the top of your intelligence … And much much more.

Tuesdays at The Nursery Training Centre 7-9 pm £12
Book Tuesdays
Saturdays at Theatre Delicatessen 12-2 pm £10
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We’re really excited about this opportunity to share some of the weird and wonderful things we’ve learnt.

For details of this week’s class, check Meetup


Tuesday Improv Comedy Class £12

Held by C3? - London Improv Comedy Shows and Workshops on 13 December 2016 7:00 PM

Places are limited, so BOOK NOW

These weekly, improv drop-in classes focus on a range of fun yet practical exercises to get the best out of your scenes. The sessions are ope... Read More

Tuesday Improv Comedy Class £12

Held by C3? - London Improv Comedy Shows and Workshops on 20 December 2016 7:00 PM

Places are limited, so BOOK NOW

These weekly, improv drop-in classes focus on a range of fun yet practical exercises to get the best out of your scenes. The sessions are ope... Read More

Tuesday Improv Comedy Class £12

Held by C3? - London Improv Comedy Shows and Workshops on 27 December 2016 7:00 PM

Places are limited, so BOOK NOW

These weekly, improv drop-in classes focus on a range of fun yet practical exercises to get the best out of your scenes. The sessions are ope... Read More

The Drop-In! A, free for all, comedy free-for-all!

Held by C3? - London Improv Comedy Shows and Workshops on 1 January 2017 6:00 PM

C3? has figured out how to make Sundays twice as fun - two shows! Please join us every Sunday at 6pm for The Drop-In! A weekly improv comedy show where new teams try out new things and old teams find new boundaries. It's time to throw your metapho... Read More

Dinner and a Movie with Genre Claude Van Damme

Held by C3? - London Improv Comedy Shows and Workshops on 1 January 2017 7:30 PM

Share some of your best worst dating stories to inspire something even more embarrassing - long form improv. And after that The Movie! See everything you'd expect from a movie improvised live on stage -- dramatic camera angles, tense editing, high... Read More


From Scenes Into Shows

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 June, 10am – 4pm £80


The perfect course for improvisers who are confident performing individual scenes and wish to craft these together into funny, high quality shows. 

This four part course focuses on bringing isolated scene work skills together to create comprehensive pieces of improv comedy. You will learn the language and style of different longform improv scenes, plus the skills required to unite them, such as editing, reincorporation and game. Discover how a strongly grounded base reality is the platform you need to allow your improv comedy to take off, plus how to take characters beyond silly voices and goofy walks and into grounded 3-Dimensional people you can build entire worlds around. 

Ideal for recently formed teams, or those looking to run their own shows, or individuals who want to move forward to the next stage of their improv career. 

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 June, 10am – 4pm £80


Shem Pennant is a writer/performer trained at the Upright Citizens Bridage Theatre in New York. He’s also a capoeira professor and studied under Mestre Israel from Ginga de Quilombo. He teaches capoeira, Brazilian dance and music in London. Shem also trained bujinkan ninjutsu in the Japanese mountains for two years. He runs various technology websites and can be seen cycling all over London taking photographs or recording podcasts. He’s done a lot of improv but so have you. Real life is more interesting.

Carleen Macdermid has been teaching and performing improv across Australia, the U.K. and Europe for 20 years. She loves longform improv and the massive variety of forms within it, specialising in Monoscenes with her team The Rebranding, The Movie Form with Genre Claude Van Damme, and everything and anything with twoprov, and C3? production partner, Shem Pennant. Carleen has previously had the pleasure of attending a large number of European improv festivals, as both performer and teacher. Her career highlights include performing a number of times at the Del Close Marathon in New York City and playing with premier team, Convoy, at The Upright Citizens Brigade’s 10th anniversary show in LA.

Slapdash International Improv Festival 2016

London October 19-22 2016

Slapdash Banner 2016

The Nursery Theatre and C3? are proud to announce the Slapdash International Festival of Improv. Over October 17-22 we will be bringing some of the finest improvisers from all over the world to play and teach in London.

Slapdash is London’s largest and longest running festival of Improvised Theatre. Last year Neil Casey and Anthony Atamanuik headlined and they went on to star in the Ghostbusters movie and tour the world impersonating Donald Trump. So who knows what will happen this year?

You can purchase tickets for each night or a special Festival Pass that lets you into to every show. BUY TICKETS


Shows!We’re bringing some amazing acts including Le Carpe Haute from France, Neil+1 from Dublin, Big Bang from Improv Boston, AMS Impro from Germany and Convoy from the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. And we’re thrilled to have legendary Second City alumni Scott Adsit (yes Scott Adsit), bringing his Adsit and You show where you get to improvise with Scott Adsit.



Workshops!As always we have some of the finest improv instructors teaching a range of skills – from Game, to Clown to improvising with Lights with teachers from Improv Boston, The PIT, The Upright Citizens Brigade and more. Also Scott Adsit!

Get involved!

You can purchase tickets for each night or a special Festival Pass that lets you into to every show. BUY TICKETS

See you in October!

The Nursery and C3?

The Nursery started off as a festival for new, devised and improvised theatre in 2009 in an atmospheric railway arch in Southwark, which then became The Nursery’s home. The Nursery’s main focus has become the promotion and expansion of improvisation in the UK, and we offer workshops at various levels. International teachers The Nursery has brought to the UK include Patti Stiles, David Razowsky, TJ and Dave, Susan Messing & Rachael Mason and Al Samuels.

Besides improv we also support new work by other artists – shows include Richard Marsh’s Love and Sweets (Best Comedy, BBC Audio Drama Comedy Awards 2014) and Dirty Great Love Story (Fringe First 2014), Crazy Glue and Death – a Comedy (Single Shoe Productions) and The Historians (Hot Ice Theatre). The Nursery is run by Jules Munns and Judith Amsenga. Visit thenurserytheatre.com

C3 logo trans

C3? is a comedy production company that hosts a variety of improv, stand up and sketch shows in London. C3? is run by Carleen Macdermid an improv teacher and performer for over 20 years, Keith Malda, a comedian and improviser with “Genre Claude Van Damme” and Shem Pennant, a writer/performer trained at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York. C3?  have performed at improv festivals in America, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Spain. They also host a variety of workshops with some of the best improv and sketch teachers in New York and LA. They host a weekly night on Sundays to showcase new and old improv talent at the Horse and Stables in Lambeth.  Visit C3something.com

Dinner and a Movie – with Genre Claude Van Damme



Each week members of the audience share their best worst dating stories, which the improvisers then use as inspiration for their sketches. It’s a combination of comedy and catharsis. In the second half of the show, Genre Claude Van Damme improvise a full movie live on stage – complete with dramatic camera angles, tense editing and high flying action sequences with tender denouement. The movies span every style and genre and are 3D in truest sense of the word.

Genre Claude Van Damme is an improv comedy team comprising performers trained at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York and LA. Members have performed all over London as well as New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tampere, Gothenburg, Edinburgh, Uppsala, Tallinn, Dublin and more.

Every Sunday 8-10 pm at the Horse & Stables Pub in Lambeth North

Special Guest Workshops

We work with some of the best teachers in the world to bring interesting and unique workshops from some of improv’s top minds. Previous teachers include Neil Casey, Anthony Atamanuik, Shannon O’Neill, Will Hines, Kevin Hines, Ari Voukydis, Betsy Stover, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Heather Anne Campbell, Connor Ratliff, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Dyna Moe and more!

Current workshop details

Improv, Character, Storytelling and Sketch workshops with Lydia Hensler from UCB NYC and Zeek Nicholson from UCB LA in January!


Lydia is an amazing improviser and teacher of improv at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York. She plays on the superb weekend team Grandma’s Ashes, a delightful team that play with so much joy, support and energy that their comedy feels almost communal. She’s also a regular at Asssssssscat – one of the longest running (and best) improv shows in New York as well as UCB’s character showcase Characters Welcome.

Zeke Nicholson is a performer/writer hailing from Rhinebeck, New York and performs for UCB LA house team Cardinal Redbird. Zeke is also a member of the all-black, all-male comedy group “White Women,” who are regular UCB main stage performers for both improv and sketch, showcasing their particular brand of high-energy and physical comedy. White Women have improvised all over the U.S. and written and performed sketches for Comedy Central and Funny or Die. Zeke is also an actor with recurring roles on “Lopez” on TV Land starring George Lopez and “The Good Place” on NBC starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.\

Improv: Controlled Chaos with Zeke Nicholson

Wednesday 11th 7pm-10pm £20 Buy Tickets
Many improv scenes and sets can be “technically correct” yet still somehow suffer from not being dynamic enough. This workshop will focus on methods to introduce a little bit of chaos into your scene work, making unexpected and bold choices that keep the improviser ahead of the audience, and fostering a greater sense of play. It’s important to be able to stay on the rails, but it’s also important to jump out of the cart and fall down the mountain every now and again.

Sketch Heightening with Zeke Nicholson

Thursday 12th 7pm-10pm £20 Buy Tickets

Take your scene further by heightening and exploring its game faster. We will discuss some examples of sketches that heighten well, and talk about how to quickly establish and explore a game. Students will bring in a sketch of their own that could benefit from some heightening, then the class will act as a writers room to come up with ways to blow out the game as much as possible.

Comedic Storytelling with Zeke Nicholson

Saturday 14th 11am-2pm £20 Buy Tickets

This workshop is geared toward deriving humorous, relatable, true-to-life material to begin crafting a usable storytelling piece. The class will do exercises to unearth interesting nuggets from our lives, and then help identify which of our experiences might be fruitful source material for further polishing. Whether you have an interest in creating an autobiographical one-person show, are an improviser looking to flex a different muscle, or just a fan of The Moth podcast, this will be fun and not scary I promise!

Character Development with Lydia Hensler

Mon Jan 30th, 7-10 pm £30 Buy Tickets!
Have you written or performed a solo character piece? Do you have a note in your phone with funny character ideas? Did your uncle do something weird at a family function and you were like “Is this something?” This workshop will focus on the process of taking your ideas to the next level. Students are encouraged to bring original material or at the very least ideas and pitches they have thought about. Together we will cultivate ways to grow your ideas. It doesn’t matter where you are in the process, this class will get you where your at and hopefully inspire you to where you’re going next.

Joyful Game with Lydia Hensler

Tuesday Jan 31st, 7-10 pm £30 Buy Tickets!
If you’re not having fun, neither is the audience! This class will focus on letting joy be your guide in developing game based scenes.

Keep Making Choices with Lydia Hensler

Wednesday Feb 1st, 7-10 pm £30 Buy Tickets!
This class will not only be about making bold fun choices, it will be about sustaining them throughout the scene. This is good for anyone who feels like they get stuck after a couple minutes into a scene, or for anyone who’s ever silently begged for an edit in their head. Learn to play in a way where you feel fearless and never want to leave the magic you’ve created.


Two Up

Carleen hosts an improv podcast where she talk to great improv minds, about improv loves, loathes and lessons. Previous guests include TJ & Dave, Anthony Atamanuik, Neil Casey and more!


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