20% Less

20% Less is a group of female improvisers who got together to enjoy all the amazing fleeting moments we discover performing on stage as a team. While at the same time trying to smash the patriarchy and steal back stage time from the straight white male.

They are a multi-national, all female, quite queer longform improv team whose influence stretches the breadth of the Earth, from Mariana’s living room in East London, where they sometimes rehearse, to the Del Close Marathon in New York, where two members of the team recently ganged up on the third – but in a loving and supportive manner and all in the cause of comedy. Sometimes they also dance.

Together they run a few shows in London with the intention of amplifying the voices of those less represented in the media and the arts, for a fairer, more accurate representation of society on our stages.

Comedy by women for everyone!

A monthly variety comedy show where 20% Less bring you an all female line up of comedians. Performers will regale you with an exciting array of improvised comedy, sketch and character comedy, stand up comedy, as well as live music on occasion.

A platform for queer creatives to show and perform their work and make people laugh!

A variety comedy night curated by 2 wide eyed queer comedians – Maddy Hunter & Mariana Feijó.

The Foreign Office is here to break down borders! 

Let’s accomplish more by working together rather than apart. A rich show developed from collaboration and sharing of different experiences from the amazing diversity London has to offer! All teams performing are composed of diverse nationalities, coming together through comedy! Let’s stand our ground against the building of walls!

Find all the updates on our Facebook or Eventbrite pages!

  • Funny people, doing funny things. The gender is as irrelevant as it’s celebrated.

    — Keith Malda —
  • Natural, funny and very reactive.

    — London Theatre Pubs —
  • Amazing improv and crunkdance troupe.

    — Shem Pennant —
  • Thank you for making me piss myself laughing.

    — Hollie Foster —
  • You put on an awesome night and it was so great to be a part og it.

    — Megan Ford —
  • What a fun evening & great crowd.

    — Rebecca Schuster —
  • Such a well curated night.

    — Cordelia Graham —
  • Now my queer girl ass feels welcome on stage.

    — Ludmila Bogatchek —
  • Generous, inventive and funny.

    — Lizzy Hopley —
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