Advanced musical, improv and sketch workshops with teachers from Baby Wants Candy, Saturday Night Live and UCB LA

We love bringing you amazing teachers from all over the world, so we’re going to keep doing just that! This time we have three awesome ex-Boom Chicago alumni – Tim Sniffen (The Second City, Baby Wants Candy), Drew DiFonzo Marks (former artistic director UCB LA, Boom Chicago) and Heather Anne Campbell (Saturday Night Live, Heather & Miles, @midnight, Fox ADHD, the Groundlings, The Midnight Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway – the list literally goes on). We’ll be running Harold based workshops as usual but, this time, we’re also excited to be running a sketch masterclass, and longform musical weekend.

C3? The Musical Evente

with Tim Sniffen of Baby Wants Candy
Love musical improv? Join Tim Sniffen from the legendary Baby Wants Candy as he breaks down how to use all your longform Harold skills and heighten them with music. Learn how to craft a satisfying show with various song styles, ballads, trios, metaphor songs, finding games in songs and much more.
2 day course Saturday and Sunday 14 & 15 March 10-4pm

C3? Easier Harolds

with Drew DiFonzo Marks.
This workshop will take the classic Harold structure you know, tweak it and bend it to make it easier to play. Team involvement will show you how to make this form less daunting, simpler, and fun.
Saturday 14th March 10-4pm

C3? The Mobius

with Drew DiFonzo Marks.
AKA The Evente, The Climax, The whatever you want to call it. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding improv forms out there. This crash course class will tackle the basics aspects of this form to allow your team have a new tool on its belt that you can take to your shows.
Sunday 15th March 10-4pm

C3? Making Game Easy

with Drew DiFonzo Marks.
This workshop will focus on getting to funnier scenes faster and making scenes easier to play. How to keep a scene going while keeping it surprising and unpredictable to you and your audience.
Monday 16th March 7-10pm

C3? Freedom from Fear

with Heather Anne Campbell
The only thing holding you back in a scene is fear. Fear of making a choice, fear of looking stupid, fear of ruining a show. But none of those things exist. In this workshop, Heather teaches you to make emotional choices, character choices, and conceptual choices which will drive a scene, while demonstrating that the worst case scenarios are nothing to be afraid of.
Thursday 17 April 7-10pm
£35/£45 TICKETS

C3? Inspiration Everywhere! A Sketch Masterclass

with Heather Anne Campbell.
Heather Anne Campbell (Saturday Night Live, Whose Line, The Eric Andre Show, FOX’s ADHD) teaches you that Writer’s Block is a myth. You’ll learn to find ideas in every corner of your life, plus how to perform the pitch of your sketch ideas to an executive or a sketch group. Sketch should be exciting, and the best way to be excited about writing a sketch is to love the idea.
2 day course Saturday and Sunday 18 & 19 April. 10-4pm
£100/£120 TICKETS

About The Teachers

Heather Anne Campbell

Heather Anne Campbell is an improv and sketch superstar who happens to be annoyingly good at everything. She performs at UCB LA weekly, and is an alumni of The Grounlings Sunday Company, ioWest, Ultimate Improv and more. Heather began improvising at Improv Olympic, in Chicago, at the age of 15 and studied under Del Close as the youngest member of Close’s final production, Spoo. She’s so good at longform that, along with partner Miles Stroth, she holds the UCB LA Cagematch record, performing undefeated from 2011-2013 in Heather & Miles. And she’s so good at short form she’s on the new Whose Line is It Anyway? on CW. As a sketch writer Heather worked for Saturday Night Live, The Eric Andre Show and is the head writer for FOX’s Animation Domination Hi-Def. Her UCB sketch group, The Midnight Show, was singled out as an “act to watch in 2014” by LA Weekly.

Drew DiFonzo Marks

Drew DiFonzo Marks is the former Artistic Director of UCB Los Angeles. He is a frequent performer and has written and directed several shows at the theatre. Drew, a longtime teacher and experienced member of the Touring Company, has been part of the UCB since 2003 having trained with Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh and many others. His face can be seen popping up on HBO, Comedy Central, SpikeTV, and a handful of dumb commercials. Drew recieved his BFA in Acting from Emerson College. He performs every Thursday night in with his team Last Day of School in ‘The Txt Msg Show’.

Tim Sniffen

Tim Sniffen has performed with Baby Wants Candy since 2001. He’s studied at The Second City, Improv Olympic, and The Annoyance Theatre, and was a company member of The Second City National Touring Company, as well as an ensemble member of Boom Chicago. Tim currently also performs with The Improvised Shakespeare Company, and recently wrote and performed in The Second City Guide To The Opera.

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