beats by del

Full of absurdity, immediacy and fantasy, it was a delight to behold.


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Beats by Del is our monthly Harold Night at the Nursery Theatre. The Harold is an improv form created by Del Close in Chicago and is at the heart of most Chicago-style long-form improv. Every month Beats sees 4 of London’s best improv groups attempt to approach this form and all its weird and wonderful derivative.

So what is a Harold anyway?

The Harold is a classic improv form developed by Del Close at the iO in Chicago.

Who is Del Close?

Del P. Close (March 9, 1934 – March 4, 1999) was an actor, writer, and teacher who coached many of the best-known comedians and comic actors of the late twentieth century. In addition to a prolific acting career in television and film, he was considered a premier influence on modern improvisational theater.

What are some Variations on the Harold

There are so many long-forms based on the Harold ... and the beauty is that you can make your own - sometimes during a show.

Where can I learn the Harold

With Us! Email for details of classes

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