Beginners and Advanced Improv Workshops with Lydia Hensler from UCB

So we can’t bring the whole UCB theatre to London (and believe us Shem’s looked into it), but we’re doing the next best thing and flying yet more great teachers from UCB out to London – the wonderful Lydia Hensler, who will be teaching three amazing improv workshops.

Lydia Henlser is an amazing improviser and teacher of improv at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York. She plays on the superb team Grandma’s Ashes, a delightful team that play with so much joy, support and energy that their comedy feels almost communal. She also plays in Take in Personal, The Hip Hop Improv Show and can be seen in various web videos for UCBComedy, College Humor, Jest, Landline TV etc.

Classes will be limited to 14 students and a basic understanding of long-form improv will be helpful. To book your place email

Evening classes are £40 and the one day classes £70. Book before the end of September to receive early bird pricing and get evening classes for just £30 and whole day classes for just £50.


Let’s Play! Friday 14th November 7-10 pm £30/£40

Improv is Fun!! This workshop will focus on giving your head the day off and playing game from your gut. Let’s do scenes that make you excited! No more second-guessing your moves from the back line or criticizing yourself on the train ride home. We’re gonna dive into the fun and physicality of characters and revel in making Active choices!

Discovering Long Form Through Game Saturday 15th November 10-3 pm £50/£70

Game! Game! Game! In this workshop we will learn how UCB defines and plays game. We will also learn how to make sure our scene work is still grounded and fun while maintaining games as the focus. Perfect for newer improvisers who want to get an understanding of how game is used to make your scenes awesome and focused.

Crafting The Show: A Performance Masterclass Sunday 16th November 10-3 pm £50/£70

In this workshop we’ll focus on breaking down monologues in openings to look for fun ideas so that you can start your scene with a strong premise. We will also work on following the fun and considering the piece as a whole regarding energy and style. Great if you play with Armando/Asssscat/Monologue Deconstruction type forms or simply want to hone initiating scenes with clear, fun ideas while working to give your overall show more polish.

Lydia will also guest in some of our shows while she is over. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

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