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Interview Openings for Improv Shows

We just finished the last of our relatively well received “Dinner and a Movie with Genre Claude Van Damme” shows. Running a weekly 4 hour improv show with 3 people sometimes doing up to 8 sets in an evening was … a little silly. But we’ll still be putting on a show every Sunday –…

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What C3? learned from #Slapdash16

Carleen Macdermid Comedy is a Universal Language – Slapdash is an international festival, bringing improvisers from a range of countries together in one of the most multicultural cities in the world. People in general, and improvisers specifically, often seem more interested in identifying our differences rather than our similarities. It was therefore an enormous pleasure…

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Two Up – Slapdash 16 Special – the Psychology of Improv LIVE with Alex Berg from UCB LA

As part of Slapdash 2016 we recorded a podcast of Alex Berg’s lecture on the psychology of improv. It was a lecture of needlessly complicated improv theory and speculation, with Alex Berg, a needlessly complicated and speculative improviser and instructor at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Hope you enjoy it! #slapdash16 Check out for more…

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Video of the Day: Jill Bernard: Drum Machine – Sea Food Spirit Quest (Full Performance)

We’ve trawled the Internet for our favourite improv video. Today: Jill Bernard’s solo improv show Drum Machine.

Yada Yada K: Soft launch at the Camden Head

Last night was the inaugural Yada Yada K with performances from The Homunculus, the solo musical stylings of “Trevor Vector” (Phil Lunn), C3467X doing what they do best, a puppet-based story from headliners Glitch and MC’d by the incredible “Lady Jules” Juliet Stephens. We were thrilled that so many people turned up, and it was…

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We can’t let real logic and the way we would actually behave run our scenes. Sure, we want a reflection of reality in our work, but too much and it robs us of our power. If your improv girlfriend is improv breaking up with you, instead of trying to win her back why not show…

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