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DO IT TO IT! Freestyle Rap & Improvisation with Trent Pancy

April 17, 2016 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Now this is the story all about how, my life got flip-turned upside down/And I’d like to take a minute just sitting right
there/To tell you about a fun new workshop on Freestyle Rap and Improvisation with Trent Pancy from Chicago/Finland.

If you’re not as good at rapping as we clearly are then try Do It To It – a fun workshop from amazing improviser and friend Trent Pancy.

*drops the mic*

## DO IT TO IT! Freestyle Rap & Improvisation with Trent Pancy

Sunday 17th April 2-5 pm £20

Freestyle Rap & Improvisation – Do It To It is a quick and dirty introduction to everything you need to know when it comes to rap and improvisation.

You do not need any experience rapping and it doesn’t matter what your native language is. This workshop focuses on the basics of rhyming, rhythm, beatboxing, and everything else you need to step up and own the stage.

We’ll also use a rap based opening as the basis for a Milly Can Rap style show.

Level: General (open to everyone from beginners to pros)

Maximum 16 students

## About the Instructor

Trent Pancy has been studying, performing and teaching improv for over 13 years. With a BA in Theatre Arts, plus training and professional experience from 4 years on the Chicago circuit, Trent has a diversified portfolio and professional background.

In 2010, Trent moved to Finland. Having lived in Europe for 5 years, Trent’s improv philosophy blends patient, relationship-based scene work of Chicago style with influences from European techniques, bringing the best of both worlds together.

Trent now teaches and performs regularly in Finland and throughout Europe. He also runs the Finland International Improv Festival – hands down our favourite festival in Europe.


April 17, 2016
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Calder bookshop theatre
51 The Cut
London, SW1 8LF United Kingdom
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