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John Timothy and Alan Starzinski from UCB

October 5, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - October 15, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

John Timothy and Alan Starzinski from UCB
We’re really excited to be bringing over two members of the legendary UCB team Sandino – John Timothy and Alan Stazinski!

John Timothy currently performs every Saturday with the UCB NY house team The Curfew. He is the co-writer/co-producer/head sound guy for the mockumentary comedy feature “The Third Party.” Additionally, he does sketch comedy at various outlets online where his videos have been seen by millions. John’s improv interests are in dynamic, action-driven play and large scale world building. He has been doing improv for over 15 years and he remembers every single scene that he’s ever messed up.

Thematic Harolds with John Timothy
12th October 7-10 pm £30 BUY TICKETS

Action Improv with John Timothy
13th October 7-10 pm £30 BUY TICKETS

The Movie with John Timothy
14-15th October 10 am -5 pm £100 BUY TICKETS

Alan Starzinski is an actor, comedian, and writer living in Los Angeles. He has been at the Upright Citizens Brigade since June 2007. He is also the creator and former host of the popular show The Kaleidoscope. He has been on the House improv teams Sandino, Rocks, and is now on the house team Camp. His one man show Guy’s You Love to Hate ran at the UCB and now his show Umconfortable is currently running there. He can be seen performing all around New York City, on commercials, and across the web. He has taught improv workshops around the world, including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London, and Oxford University.

Get Real with Alan Starzinski –
5th October 7-10 pm £30 BUY TICKETS

First Things First with Alan Starzinski
6th October 7-10 pm £30 BUY TICKETS

Good Bad Improv with Alan Starzinski –
7th October – 11 am-2 pm £30 BUY TICKETS

​Thematic Harolds with John Timothy
Why does every Harold have to look the same? As a blueprint, the Harold is one of the best long form improv formats out there, but what if there was more?
This workshop focuses on moving past the cookie cutter Harold format and developing the tools to change the composition of our shows on the fly. We’ll focus on letting the suggestion inform not only the content, but also the structure and mechanics of our shows to create unique, individualized pieces of theatre. If the suggestion is a question, how can we make our shows look more like the answer?

The Movie with John Timothy
This workshop focuses on the improvised longform “the Movie,” created by Del Close with the Family. The class will simultaneously learn how to find games in classic and contemporary movie genres and to simulate film making techniques like camera angles and editing on the live stage. (To clarify — NO CAMERAS INVOLVED, the form is performed live on stage only).

Action Improv with John Timothy
Stop talking about the fun thing and start doing the fun thing. This workshop focuses on how to clarify your thinking about scenes and gameplay to put action in the forefront. We’ll work on developing an action-forward framework for going into scenes and playing them once you’re in them. We’ll also work on how to turn traditionally talky scenes into action and reaction driven scenes. Do more. Talk less.

Get Real with Alan Starzinski
You are already funny. Stop focusing on that. Start focusing on making the scene you are in as real as possible. You are gifted to play a velociraptor juggling dildos, then you be the best velociraptor juggling dildos you can be. Enough with being detached and clever, be honest and emotional.

First Thing’s First with Alan Starzinski
Every scene has the opportunity to have a game, but what if I told you that the game could be found in the first line of the scene? You’d call me insane! Well sanity has no place in this class where we focus on finding game immediately in a scene and trimming the fat.

Good Bad improv with Alan Starzinski
Transaction scenes, Fight scenes, and teaching scenes. We are taught not to do them. In this class we find ways to work around this improv traps and build beautiful scenes out of them.


October 5, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
October 15, 2017 @ 5:00 pm


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