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The Brothers Hines in London

September 29, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - October 4, 2015 @ 9:00 pm

The Brothers Hines

We’re bringing the wonderful teaching and performing duo The Brothers Hines to London at the start of October. Kevin Hines is the current head of the UCB Training Centre in New York. He replaced Will Hines, who ran the school for years. They are amazing teachers and performers so we’re super excited that they are coming to London to share their knowledge and skill.

## About Kevin Hines
Kevin Hines has studied and performed at the UCBT since 2000. In that time he has learned from teachers like Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Armando Diaz, Peter Gwinn, John Lutz, and TJ & Dave. Kevin can be seen performing with the UCB house team, The Curfew or with his brother in The Brothers Hines. He has been teaching at the UCB since Spring 2008 and currently runs UCB’s NY Training Center.

## About Will Hines
Will Hines is a writer and improviser from Los Angeles, where he performs and teaches at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He’s been with UCB for over 15 years, and is the former head of the New York school. He’s a member of legendary teams Monkeydick! 1985, the Stepfathers, The Smokes and many more.
Catch Will on Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, Community Comedy Bang! Bang! and Matt Besser’s Improv For Humans or see him play in London.


## Tuesday 29th September 7-10 pm £30
### 60 Scenes! with Kevin Hines
The best way to get better at performing improv is by doing a lot of scenes. In this class the goal will be to run 60 scenes. The last time Kevin did this class he didn’t even come close to that number, but he is pretty sure he’ll get to at least 45. Minimal notes, slight side coaching – but lots of reps. I’ll note any trends I see and you’ll get comfortable playing short strong scenes and work at avoiding early pitfalls.


### The Kitchen Rules with Will Hines
Re-learn the basics of good scenework via The Kitchen Rules — Del Close’s “three knowns” of good scenework. Plus other fun exercises meant to get your basic scenework form into textbook shape.

## Thursday 1st October 7-10 pm £30
### Better Connections with Kevin Hines
When you get to the end of a set you want to start bringing ideas back. To do this you need to be able to play everyone else’s ideas – this workshop will focus on practising that very specific skill. Playing other people’s games is fun and leads to stronger final scenes in a show.

### No Baloney with Will Hines
Practice scenes where the mandate is to be real and honest at all costs. Learn the relief of bringing your whole self into the scene first, and then using things like pattern and justification to keep fun stuff alive. It’s fun! You’ll get 5000% better at improv in the first two minutes.

## Friday 2nd October 7-10 pm £30
### Blind Support with Kevin Hines
Learn to perform without judging the idea in the scene, or even understanding the scene. Get in there and support first and then all of the scenes start to work. Jump off that cliff before seeing where you are going to land.

### Offers, Reality, Game – with Will Hines
Say yes, play it real, find a game — these three things are the main ingredients of a great improv set, but they bump up against each other. Let’s examine each component so we can learn how they work together. First an in-depth listening exercise where we treat every line as an offer that we must accept immediately. Then we move on and practice playing it real at all costs, injecting as much of our real selves as possible. Finally, we do an exercise on finding unusual things/game. Phew!

## Saturday 3rd October 10-4 pm £50
### Tracers and Sleepover and The Roadtrip with Will Hines
Tracers and The Sleepover were two seminal shows from the holy-god-so-long-ago days of UCB NY. Oh, they’re also really hard to do. But fun! It’s a good time. And if we have time, we’ll cover the Roadtrip, a fun form that The Smokes play out in UCB LA.

## Saturday 3rd October 10-1 pm £30
### Consider and Care for That Jerk with Kevin Hines
Learn to connect to your scene partner by caring about them and considering their offers. This workshop will make it easier to have fun fights and avoid playing detached.

## Sunday 4th October 10-4 pm £50
### Real Door Monoscene with Kevin Hines
Perform the Real Door Monoscene! When performers leave the scene they leave the room, making the stage door a real door. Performers need to adapt to the constant surprises that come from a form that forces you to not know what is happening in your own show. The audience is in on the fun in this crowd pleaser of a show. Helpful if you have some experience with monoscene, but not required.


## Sunday 4th October 10-1 pm £30
### The Discovery Phase with Will Hines
Organic scenes. How to make the first few moves count, and how to enjoy the murky time of a scene before you really know what’s going on.


September 29, 2015 @ 6:00 pm
October 4, 2015 @ 9:00 pm


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