Improv 5-a-side

The longest night in improv. Hosted at the Nursery Theatre, this monthly Improv 5-a-side sees 8 teams battle it out to win the Nursery Cup (plus other exciting prizes). Each team will have 6 minutes in the Knockout Stage with which to impress the audience. The 4 winners will progress to the Semi-Finals and, from there, possibly the Finals where two teams battle it out for 7 minutes each before one is crowned champion.



How does it work?

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Who can play?

Anyone. It's 6 minutes of stage time to do with as you please, with no restrictions on style or format. We've had fast and furious short form and slow patient two person improv.

Doesn't competition in comedy suck?

YES! To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg every comedy competition ends with 1 winner and 9 comics who feel comedy shouldn't be judged. So the 5-a-side isn't really a competition - it's just a fun way for people to get stage time and experiment with teams. We get to see teams perform and offer them stage time. And people form little teams just to play, specifically for the 5-a-side, which delights us.


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