Improv Workshops with Shannon O’Neill from UCB

Hi guys,

The bad news is that Will Hines’ workshops sold out in record time, and there is a waiting list for spots. The great news is that Will is bringing his friend, Stepfather’s team mate and Artistic Director of UCB New York, with him, who will be teaching three amazing workshops.

Classes will be limited to 14 students and a basic understanding of long-form improv, scenework, game and forms such as the Harold will be helpful. To book your place email

Evening classes are £40 and the one day classes £70. Book before August to receive early bird pricing and get weekend classes for just £30 and the weekend for just £50.

Shannon O’Neill is a writer, performer, teacher and the Artistic Director at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY. She can be seen every Friday night with The Stepfathers, and every Sunday night in UCB’s longest running show, ASSSSCAT 30000. She has been on great teams such as Joe Ross Tribe, Optimist International, Mailer Daemon, and fwand and was named one of “Three to Watch” by Time Out New York. Shannon O’Neill is directly responsible for at least eight of the most disturbing ten things ever said at Harold Night at UCB and did a call back last DCM that was Shem and Carleen’s favourite thing … maybe ever.

Openings Friday 19th September 7-10 pm £30/£40

In a Harold, and in many types of long form, there are a number of openings used both to generate ideas and to create energy on stage. Shannon will run through some classics, show you how to create your own, and help make them both efficient tools for your team and great performance pieces for your audience.

Suck My Dick Saturday 20th September 10-3 pm £50/£70

First, if you’re a dude, stop reading. This is not for you. This is for the ladies. You don’t need a dick to tell someone to suck it, and you don’t need a dick to be a kick ass improviser.

This course will change the world. Society as we know it will finally stop calling you the girl on the team and start calling you the really good improviser on the team that made shit happen. Show the world that your tits don’t define you.

Organic Improv Sunday 21st September 10-3 pm £50/£70

One of Shannon’s specialities, this course will focus organic Harolds and forms. Everything is very in the moment and you are not allowed to pre-think initiations from the back-line. Second beat initiations have to come from the organic edits rather than traditional sweeps. Get out of your head and into the moment.

Shannon will also be performing with Will at our Harold night and at the final of the improv 5-a-side.

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