Naked Comedy Workshop with Deanna Fleysher

Naked Comedy imageFrom the director of Red Bastard we’re excited to bring to you a workshop on Naked Comedy.

You’re funny, but are they on the edge of their seats? Are they breathless to see what crazy thing you do next? They could be. You just need to strip down and get naked.

Naked Comedy demands your body, your guts, and all your fluids. We want to see how funny you can be without thinking or trying. Through play, we will explore your unique connection to the audience, the bravery required to be vulnerable, and the gratification that comes with letting go. Expose yourself (metaphorically speaking), and make people laugh.

This work is very physical. Workout wear only. No shoes, no jeans. You’re lucky you’re allowed to wear clothes.



Saturday 1st August 10- 4 pm
£50 Early Bird Tickets
£70 Late Tickets


About Deanna Fleysher

Deanna Fleysher is a comedy artist, teacher and director devoted to interactive comedic experiences. She created Foreplay, an erotic improv comedy show that ran for a year at the People’s Improv Theater in NY and was featured at the Chicago Improv Festival. She created, produced and starred in Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir and The Kapinski Private Eye Academy at the NY Clown Theatre Festival. She created the Naked Comedy Lab, a workshop for training in interactive comedy and clown/bouffon. She is the director and co-writer of Red Bastard, the internationally acclaimed bouffon show. Currently, she tours her award-winning solo show BUTT KAPINSKI and teaches Naked Comedy labs in Los Angeles and around North America.


Before I worked with Deanna, my show received applause. After working with Deanna, I received standing ovations. She lends a dramaturgical strength, playfulness and keen eye to my creation process that has taken me to the next level.

–Eric Davis, Red Bastard

I made breakthroughs when Deanna directed me. She has ways of tapping the intelligence of the body and helping you find inspiration in physicality.

–Mark Grenier, improviser and teacher at Magnet Theater, NY, NY

I found it amazing how effortlessly Deanna could guide to students to find the best versions of themselves. She managed to even pull the most stubborn performers into choices that they would have never found on their own and they were all the happier for it.

—Asaf Ronen, artistic director, Institution Theater

I came to Deanna because I was looking to be more physical as an improviser. What I discovered was her workshop build countless other muscles that conventional classes overlook: harnessing the power of failure and vulnerability; creating stage pictures and silent emotional connections with scene partners; and learning how to let go of agendas and be truly free on-stage. I can’t recommend her enough.

—Chad Damiani, LA, CA

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