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LJ MCing


The Camden Head in Camden (equidistant between Camden Town and Mornington Cresent stations). It’s in the theatre upstairs.


Doors are at 7:30 and the show kicks off promptly at 8:00. Someone from the team will be around from 7:00 at the latest. After a 10 minute interval the second half commences (normally at 9:00). The timings for your show will be arranged in advance. There is an iPad at the back of the venue timing your slot. You can call your show or have a blackout. We like to wrap up just after 10.


There’s no dedicated cloakroom, but there is a “performers area” at the back of the venue by the soundboard, where you can leave coats, bags, pianos, guitars and general props. Let us know beforehand if you have anything particularly cumbersome so we can make arrangements.

Warm up

You can warm up in the pub before the doors open – although this may get crowded depending on the number of acts. We like to use the alleyway opposite the pub.


The room is in an odd L-shape that naturally divides the audience into two halves. It’s Stewart Lee’s ideal environment. There’s a raised stage which is a small triangle and there’s a lit floor area in front of it which we also perform on. It’s a reasonable playable area and we’ve had 6/7 person musical groups work the room without too much problem.


There’s a dedicated PA system and we have DIs for musical instruments/guitars/microphones and such. There is some equipment at the venue but it’s always safer to bring your own. Any questions email us beforehand and we can check with the venue owner.


Feel free to bring along adverts/flyers for future shows – but also email us ahead of time and we’ll include you in our post-show social media outreach – we like to thank our guests for performing and point out where you can catch them next. And obviously if you can spread the word about the show we’d be grateful.


We like to pay all our acts a split of the door. The lion’s share goes to the headline and the opening acts get a small token. It’s a small room and we only charge £3-5 so it won’t be a great deal. If people from the audience play in the jam their money is refunded.


Any more questions feel free to email us

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