Special Guest Workshops

We work with some of the best teachers in the world to bring interesting and unique workshops from some of improv’s top minds. Previous teachers include Neil Casey, Anthony Atamanuik, Shannon O’Neill, Will Hines, Kevin Hines, Ari Voukydis, Betsy Stover, Drew DiFonzo Marks, Heather Anne Campbell, Connor Ratliff, Michael Delaney, Billy Merritt, Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Dyna Moe and more!

Current workshop details

The Slacker with UCB New York’s Anthony Apruzzese 


This workshop will focus on the world building, long form improvisational form, the “Slacker.” The Slacker utilizes tag outs in lieu of sweep edits to move from scene to scene to play either the repercussions of the previous scene, the plot of the previous scene, the history of the previous scene, or game. The Slacker is a fast paced, stream of consciousness form that truly explores “if this is true, what else is true” in both micro and macro ways.

Thursday 11 May 7pm – 9pm, £30


Anthony Apruzzese has been a teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NY since 2015. He has taught all four core levels as well as an Advanced Study Performance class, “The Slacker.” In addition to teaching at the theatre, Anthony has also held several three week workshops focused on the pattern game, all of which quickly sold out. Anthony has been a part of the Harold teams Namaste, The Enemy, and Slamball, as well as the UCB East mainstay, Improv Nerds. Anthony has also traveled the to all parts of the U.S. and Ireland to perform and teach workshops with his three-prov indie team, Greasy Lake. Anthony is currently recording his new improv theory interview podcast, “For the Love of Game,” which will be released in the Spring of 2017.

TJ Del Reno

TJ Del Reno from Reckless Theatre in NYC

4TRACK with TJ Del Reno
Saturday 3rd June – 11am-2 pm
4TRACK is New York’s Reckless Theatre’s signature form and mixes patient 2 person scenes with frenzied energetic group scenes. It’s one of our favourites, mixing passionate play with slow burning, grounded improv.

Celebrate Every Moment with TJ Del Reno
Sunday 4th June – 11am-2 pm
A series of scenes and exercises celebrating every moment, helping you and your partner build a scene together. Think of it as two people holding hands in a dark room taking one step at a time to find relationship, “game”, and point of view.

TJ Del Reno is a comedian and improviser, who has been performing in New York for over 10 years. He’s been a performer at UCB, The Pit, the Annoyance and the Reckless and has performed stand up comedy on Comedy Central. He is what American improvisers like to describe as “good”.

Josh Covitt

Josh Covitt from UCB LA

Creative Pulls
Saturday 17 June 11am-2pm £30
No, “creative pulling” isn’t just what happens when you don’t want to go home alone on a Saturday night… It’s being able to consistently explore every way to use a premise from a monologue or an opening. Learn creative methods to finds premises in the moments before, aftermaths, analogous situations, and more! Learn how to distill what you enjoy into a premise and stop getting stuck wondering “how” to initiate that scene.

Patient Play
Sunday 18 June 11am-2pm £30
Learn to trust in the basic building blocks of improv, your scene partner and, most importantly, yourself, as you gain confidence in playing patiently. Find the balance between playing too fast and loose, and playing too slow or overly-realistic. With a focus on listening, checking in, and using what you already know, this workshop will help you improvise in a grounded, patient way, while still finding the fun. Learn how to stop worrying about what’s going to happen next, and start getting comfortable in your own comedic skin.

Josh Covitt has been studying and performing at the UCB theatre since 2006 and currently performs every Tuesday night with Outside Dog in “Outside Dog Gets One Star”.
He’s so proud to call UCB his home-stage and is pleased as punch every time he gets to perform there. Other UCB credits include: The Ruckus (Harold Team), Kirkland’s Signature (Maude Team), The Attack!, Shovitt, Hubble Telescope, Sketch Cram, Under the Influence, Tricia & Johanna’s Lady Parts, Quick and Funny Musicals, Glum!, Dirtiest Sketch in LA, and The UCB Variety Hour.
In 2010 Josh was a performer in IO West’s “The Ultimate X-ecution: The Search for LA’s Best Improviser.” Josh was voted the winner of the competition after 16 weeks, becoming the third UCB performer to win it after Heather Anne Campbell and Dave Theune.
Josh also co-founded the sketch group, The Attack!, who’s videos have been featured on the front pages of YouTube, CNN.com, The Huffington Post, UCBComedy, Funny or Die, Crackle and Break. His work in viral comedy videos has amassed over 150 million views collectively, including the hits “Talk to Kids PSA,” “Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding,” “Undercover Karaoke With Jewel,” and “Ryan Gosling Stole My Best Friend.”
Outside of sketch comedy and improv Josh has appeared in dozens of commercials, many of which where he plays a dumb husband or boyfriend. Although he did once play a heroic FedEx delivery guy who was stuck in an action movie… but he’s usually a dumb husband.

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