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“Two Up!” with UCB’s Anthony Apruzzese

We talk to the wonderful Anthony Apruzzese from UCB about improv theory AND NOTHING ELSE.  This gets nerdy and deep from the jump. We have a bunch more great teachers coming including TJ Del Reno this weekend, Josh Covitt later this month and more. PLUS WE STILL HAVE OUR SUPER SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT COMING UP!  …

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Two Up Slapdash Special – Drew DiFonzo Marks

Seeing as we’re bombarding you with content we’ve reposted this classic interview from last year with Drew DiFonzo Marks. Drew is hands down one of the best teachers we’ve ever worked with and is teaching “YOU Decide, a Personal Feedback Workshop” where you tell him what you’re struggling with and like a ninja he’ll give…

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“Two Up” Del Close Marathon special with Horatio Sanz, John Gemberling, Gil Ozeri and more!

Carleen went to the Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and spoke to improv legends such as Horatio Sanz, Gil Ozeri, Jon Daly, John Gemberling, Kevin Hines, David Barton Harris, Alex Fernie, John Murray, Aaron Jackson, Alistair Magee and Sonia Bonia. If you want to touch a genuine improv legend,…

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“This One Time” … improv inspired by true stories

“This one time” is a comedy show where a specially assembled selection of some of London’s best improvisers use monologues, poets and musicians as the basis for scenes. With very special guest monologists each month. We also invite members of the audience to share stories if they have a burning desire to tell one.  …

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Scene and Heard: Wasters with a capital L

[display_podcast] We took a couple of our favourite improvisers from around London and camped out in Resonance FM for half an hour. Episode One features Jenny Donoghue – E-mprov Shaun Lowthian – Do Not Adjust Your Stage Sean Gittens – The Old Smokes Lynsey Bonell – Pioneers, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Five Seven Plus Alistair…

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Improv 5-A-Side Grand Final

  Sunday 21 September is the Improv 5-A-Side Final is the end of Season culmination of 7 months of shows, with the winners from each 5-a-side since March, plus an 8th, All-American All-Star Wildcard team made up of top players from UCB, iO Chicago, Showstoppers battle it out for improv supremacy. It’s a Show of Winners…

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Yada Yada K

Guys! We have the amazing line up featuring Folie à Deux, the stunning combo of Chortle-award winning Austentatious players Andrew Hunter Murray and Charlotte Gittins. Plus some more two-prov from C3467X’s Anne & Frank as well as a classic YYK jam. And some *very* special guests. Wanna bring a buddy? Use the code TWOPROV for…

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Bonus Video: Weirdass

WeirDass performs at the 2009 Phoenix Improv Festival.

Video of the Day: English Speaking Moose

We’ve trawled the Internet for our favourite improv videos. Today: English Speaking Moose – with Miles Stroth.

Video of the Day: 4 Horsemen

We’ve trawled the Internet for our favourite improv video. Today: 4 Horsemen featuring some of the co-founders of the Annoyance Theatre.

Video of the Day: The Neutrino Project

We’ve trawled the Internet for our favourite improv videos. Today: The Neutrino Project.

Video of the Day: The Bat

We’ve trawled the Internet for our favourite improv video. Today: IEnglish Speaking Moose performing the improvisational long form, The Bat, on March 24th, 2010 at iO West in Los Angeles as part of “OK, Intriguing Comedy.”

Video of the day: Fisher and Stroth

We’ve trawled the Internet for our favourite improv videos. Today: Bob Fisher and Miles Stroth perform together at the Secret Show during the 2013 Phoenix Improv Festival.

Improv Festival Ireland

The team has returned triumphant from an amazing weekend at the first ever Irish Improv Festival. Tucked away in the Teacher’s Club in Dublin, we saw show after show of amazing improvisers from all over the world performing and hanging out in the streets, cafés and bars of the city. We also got a chance…

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