… this one time

Everyone has at least one weird and wonderful story they love telling. Want to share yours?

“This one time” is a comedy show where a specially assembled selection of some of London’s best improvisers use monologues, poets and musicians as the basis for scenes. With very special guest monologists each month. We also invite members of the audience to share stories if they have a burning desire to tell one.

The third Monday of the month at The Miller in London Bridge. Tickets £5 8pm

What do I have to bring?

A story, a memory, a poem or just an interesting idea that you'd like to inspire the cast with

Can't I just sit back and watch the show?

Of course. We love when people share things on stage as our audience is fascinating - but we're also going to be inviting poets, musicians and other monologists down to talk about their lives, so it will be interesting regardless

Who will be performing?

We try to get some of the best improvisers from teams across London - and beyond. It's a great chance to see people play in combinations that you wouldn't normally see

I'd like to be a guest speaker!

Great! Email improv@C3something.com and tell us more

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