Improv Workshops with Will Hines from UCB

Will Hines

C3Something are proud to present a series of workshops with Will Hines, a truly great improviser, wonderful teacher and former academic head of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Training Centre in New York. Will trained under Ian Roberts and Armando Diaz and he’s been a part of many amazing improv teams at UCB for almost 15 years (1985, Monkeydick, The Stepfathers). Will currently performs at UCB LA with The Smokes and Your F**ked Up Family, and Will’s blog Improv Nonsense is a frequent source of inspiration both to teachers and students alike.

Classes will be limited to 14 students and a basic understanding of long-form improv, scenework, game and forms such as the Harold will be helpful.

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Evening classes are £40 and the weekend intensive is £120. Book before August to receive early bird pricing and get weekend classes for just £30 and the weekend for £100.

Sharpen your scenes with game: Wed 17 Sept 7-10 pm. £30/£40

Will introduces using “the game of the scene” to sharpen your improv scenes. Seize on an unusual thing and use it to enhance your scenes in smart, specific ways. Turn your jazzy scenes into tight pop songs. You too can join thousands of UCB performers/students by entering the never ending discussion of “what was the game of that scene?”

Weekend Harold Intensive Sat/Sun 20/1 Sept 10-3 pm. £100/£120

The basics of the Harold are simple. An opening. Second and third beats. Connections. But there’s so much more and performers at UCB literally spend years trying to master it. How can you turn the Harold from a rote structure into a form that inspires you and your team to play truthfully, to the top of your intelligence, while practicing agreement and support.

Advanced Agreement Monday 22 Sept 7-10 pm. £30/£40

Underneath the game of the scene is the scene. Without deep agreement, rich specifics, honest reactions we have nothing. Set game and the headier stuff aside and try some exercises meant to reenergise and simplify the fundamentals. Listen, react, repeat.

We’re also super pleased Will is also going to be performing while he’s staying – as part of our Harold night “Beats by Del”, and also as part of our 5-a-side.

Thu 18 – Beats by Del at The Nursery

Sun 21 – Improv 5-A-Side

Here’s Will and his brother Kevin doing a 2 person Harold as part of their popular “The Brothers Hines” show.

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