Yada Yada K: Soft launch at the Camden Head

Last night was the inaugural Yada Yada K with performances from The Homunculus, the solo musical stylings of “Trevor Vector” (Phil Lunn), C3467X doing what they do best, a puppet-based story from headliners Glitch and MC’d by the incredible “Lady Jules” Juliet Stephens.

We were thrilled that so many people turned up, and it was great to be packed into a room filled with improvisers and members of the public. One of the highlights was the long-form jam at the end of the first half, where experienced improvisers – including guests visiting from Austin and Boston, (as well as local talent) performed scenes and then a Montage with people they’d never met before – including an improv student, a stand up and someone who’d never improvised before.

We had planned to give away a big bag of crisps to the audience. But Shem ate them all.

We have another show coming up next month at the Camden Head, but you can see C3467X perform this Sunday at Hoopla’s Crash Pad at the Comedy Pub. And if you want to give improv a go you can head down to We Are Funny: Improv our Improv Open Mic at Dirty Dicks on 7th October.

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