“Yes! And what’s next?”


This is a course intended for people who already know what ‘yes and’ is but want to get to the next level. You’ll get to try out the different approaches to improv as taught by iO, UCB and Annoyance, then meld them together so that by the end of the course you’ll be able to find a path to your own personal performing style.

You’ll be introduced to various tools to make a scene “pop”, so you can have more fun with your choices and really enjoy the time you have on stage. As there is no one “correct” way to improvise, you’ll be presented with multiple ways to approach a scene and/or character and encouraged to only take what you like.

Think of the course as a “buffet of improv skills” – only pick and choose what you enjoy, leave the rest for everyone else.


10 weeks starting May 29, £120. This course includes 8 weeks of classes, free entry to two C3Something shows and performance slots at one of our nights to showcase your skills.

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Leo Mendoza is a Chicago native, and has been studying and performing improv since 2004. He was lucky enough to study and perform at iO (Chicago), Annoyance (Chicago), UCB (NYC), Magnet, and The PIT. He’s learned from some recognisable names like TJ Jagodowski, Michael Patrick O’Brien, Mick Napier, Armando Diaz, Will Hines and Jules Munns. Currently, you can see him all around London regularly performing with the fantastic people in C3467X or coaching the utterly hilarious two person group “Anne and Frank”. Leo also has a number of fringe theatre credits, is an emeritus company member of Tympanic Theatre Company (Chicago) and has directed a number of festival winning one-act plays. And, if you pay very close attention in season 4, episode 6 of 30 Rock, you can catch a glimpse of Leo in a suit, juggling devil sticks in the foreground. He’s still waiting for his residuals.


Improvisers should already know basic improv terms (edits, tag outs, yes and, back line, etc). This course is aimed a newer improvisers but not complete beginners. If you’re new to improv but have some background in comedy, writing or theatre please do still apply and include a brief description of your background.

If you’d like to apply email C3467X@gmail.com

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